Saturday, February 21, 2009

Evening Breath

Night is a lonely shadow fading in the mist,
a transparent figure in flight,
wandering through the ground by day,
venturing out to block the sun
when we lie down in bed.

Lonely and upset,
he plan to steal are dreams,
feeding on are nightmares,
and laughing at are tears.

Robbing all things nice,
a burglar in the dark,
a sweep of pain floods through you,
if you dare to risk a glance.

A bright glow of horror hides his face,
and silver threads surround him,
with spiders crawling down,
and blood shot eyes stuck fast on his cheeks.

He lives in a place,
high above the earth,
a long lost ruin fading throughout time,
losing all life.

As dawn breaks he runs,
fleeing from the light,
night is gone,
but he is still there,
waiting for the next sunset.

Your Life

Your life is a star,
special and unique
high above the earth you glow,
a gift for humanity.

As time passes you weaken,
but you never give in,
challenges come and go,
and you always stay on top.

You're stronger than you've ever been,
rising to the north,
but nothing lasts forever,
and a shooting star is seen.

The Cat

The cat is a firework,
as it leaps into the sky,
it's explosive and alive,
it spits at the sign of danger,
and screams in the night,
as it pounces on a star.

It runs through the night,
a flash in the sky,
showing of its colours,
the onlookers gasp and admire,
hear the bang in the night.

Full of energy it flies,
filling up the sky,
as it gobbles up its dinner,
it craves for attention,
and attention it gets.

It's wild and attractive,
not allowed to touch,
just allowed to see,
it never fails to amaze,
it's just a beautiful thing.

It doesn't look it goes,
it runs across the sky,
yet everything has consequences,
as the lethal weapon is released,
and the collision is made,
nine lives are lost.

The Storm

The storm is like a wild wolf,
untamed and free,
howling to the night sky,
running round throughout the day,
never stopping never pausing,
hunting for its prey,
unpredictably striking,
on the week feeble and scared.

But everything must come to rest,
and slowly he stops howling,
slowly he stops running,
his hunting striking days are gone,
he rests his head upon his paws,
and settles down to sleep.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Black tree [six poems]

Black tree black tree
is it a myth
is it a leyend
only once been seen
by prying eyes
is the black faded
or like the night sky?

A shooting star
I see so far
I wish to see
the black tree.

One day one night
if it's light or bright
at night it waits
at day it breaks
and as you pass by
you think why?

The black has gone grey
death is on the way
but still it holds on
yet the branches are gone
a shadow in the mist
now it's on the list.

The tree is gone
the black disappeared
but yet I still see it
the moment is near.

Because of me
the little black tree
had a long long life
but then came the knife!

Sunday, July 23, 2006


If I could fly,
to the sky,
then the sky,
would fly away,
oh me oh my,
if I could fly.


Spin does the world,
the world does spin.

Turn does the world,
the world does turn.

Stop does the world,
the world does stop.


Life is love,
sent from above,
Where angels sing,
for thier gold ring.

Life is love,
sent from above,
where god asists us,
because he must.


Clouds are like pillows,
floating in the sky,
clouds are like ice cream,
cold and harsh,
clouds are like drawings,
lost in the world,
but clouds are oceans, rivers and streams,
sucked u to make funny things.


Chill to the bone,
chill to the core,
chill in the cold,
chill out in the warm.


I dream at night,
and that sight,
is enough to make,
me awake.

My Dog

My dogs realy a scardy-cat,
my dogs realy a pig,
my dogs realy not a dog,
but a martion from outer space.


Alone in the woods I am,
next to the wolves I am,
afraid and scared I am,
then at dawn,
safely at home I am.


Beast by sea
beast by land
beast is here
with death as a comand


oh me oh my
not that cry
it is a lie
do not fly
don't listan to that wolf guy

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Mystery passed me by
mystery began to fly
mystery at dawn
mystery by night
mystery is everywhere
mystery is nowhere
but if mystery was everything
would mystery be history?


I lie in bed awake
the world begins to shake
my house comes tumbling down
now I lie on the ground
I get up and look around
everything is lost
everything is found
that day my house fell to the ground
so now I never lie in bed awake
in case of an earthquake

The Runaway

I run from the light
in the dead of night
the light makes me lean
into a bad dream
at dawn they find blood
lying in the mud
hear my echoing scream
inside the murder scene